One Piece manga episode 850

Chopper and carrot looking through various mirrors

Scream roars in town

Chopper ‘not different’

Female “I love you!”

Chopper ‘not!’

Male “Wow !!

Carrot “Here also different”

Women in the shower “Ca !!”

Is the chopper a dark man? I peeped into the shower of …

They took a brule that caught, took a diesel and is running around inside the Miro World

Carrot “More farther, get up and brulee! Where is the mirror in the castle !?”

Chopper “You do not have to find them yourself !! Diesel, do you not know !?”

Diesel “Knowing !! … TIXOSO”

Chopper “If you touch Brule, you can go back and forth between the mirror” inside “and” outside “! Luffy and Nami told you to go to the castle, I wonder if I could meet Sanji

It leads to the mirror in Hall cake island here! You should be on your way to the castle for a moment! It is! Get up Brulee ~! It is! ”

Scenes are Hall cake castle, Sanji’s guest room

Sanji who made a packed lunch box “I got it … I made it with my usual condition !! I will not eat this much … Pudding-chan … What are you doing I

… Well good … I will eat it if left over ”

Sanji in a delusion

Pudding “I can not eat this much, Sanjiya eat it too ♡”

Sanji from the room “Oh no … ___ ___ 0

Militia “What are you doing eggplants? Are you going out?”

Sanji who also has bouquets “Oh, to be healed by only one light in this world”

The scene is a prisoner’s library

Nami “Stop it! Luffy !! What are you planning to do !?”

Opera “… wasteful …”

Nami “Stop it !! My hands will tear!”
Luffy pulling the arms round and round around their bodies “Fu Ginki … !! It’s torn !! Hand!”

Nami: “What !?”

Luffy: “Is there any other way to get out of here !! ◯ Those who can break both arms are okay!

While you are fancying about someone to help! It is! Lost everything! It is! In the end Big Mum ◯! It is! Shit! It is! I’m sorry I did not! It is!

You also tear up your hand! It is! ”

Nami: Eh !! Ahoba !! No, thank you !! ”

Luffy: “Well then I will do something, so do not make noise noisy!”

Nami: I do not want to see your hands torn, stop it !! ”
Luffy: Do not call me !! I am !! It is not a man in such a place! ”

Nami “CAR !!”

Hall cake castle, 3rd floor courtyard

Former Knox Pirates who are struck from the front “Captain” Pedro (prize money 382 million berries) and Big Mam pirates “Knight” combatant Baroness (422 million berry prize money)

Soldiers surrounding us

Turn the tail to show light body struggle Pedro
2 people “Please look away this time!”

A story when Pedro was caught with fellow Zepo …
Big Mam “They did it, thieves !!”

Zeepo turning roulette … the result is …

Big Mum “Your buddy turns roulette, punishment comes out” 100-year lifespan ”

Zepo who is fallen down

Pedro crying “Zepo ~ !!”

Big Mum “This guy has only 30 years of life, you have 70 years’ worth seeing …”

Pedro “Zepoault !!”

Pecomus shedding tears “Gao !! Mama, it’s my brother!”

Big Mum “I do not cry I understand Pekomu, I will do it for 10 years I will do it … but the crime that robbed one of the eggs is heavy !! I will receive 60 years”

Pedro which pierces the left eye by yourself “… So how many years can it be reduced by this? This ○ is meaningless! The day of the” world dawn “is near! I must return!”

Big Mum “Momma nice guy, try losing your hand in 50 years!”

Egg “Bonn with different reach !! More … !! Fey that wears tights that do not come with electros”

An egg that kicks Pedro’s face “Legg Benedict” !!

Pedro blown out vomits

Egg “I will reply Bonn, Pedro !! Why have I returned here again? To the island of this nightmare who was buddy ◯ and robbed 50 years life!”

Pedro “… Geo !!” Straw Hat of the Straw “is a superior who helped save my hometown … I believe that those who lead the world to” dawn “!

They will eventually surpass you and change the world! It is! ”

Eggs “!?”

Pedro: … If you think so, I use a little remaining lifetime with regret! But … do not misunderstand … !! ◯ ‘s here is not “here”!
Their purpose on this island is not yet fulfilled! It is! Right now I still ◯! It is! ”

Pedro slashing eggs in two


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