One Piece manga episodes 854

Castle inside … Jinbei and Nami being chased

The soldiers “Block the exit !!” “Turn around!” “Do not go out!”

Jinbei “Mai Tatou! I heard that this is surrounded”

Nami riding on Jinbei “Eh! I do not have an exit!”

The soldiers “Jinbei boss … no !! Jinbei’s rebellion !!”


The soldiers who shoot the guns

Nami “Kya”

Jinbei “Let’s do the back, Nami !!”

* “Oh !! I found it !! Hey !!”

Nami: Leave it to me, I got it at you! It’s persistent! ”

Jinbei “It’s an enemy from the front”


Nami: “Thundercloud rod” !! ”

* “Okay ah ~!”

Nami: … !!? ”

At the beginning of the defeated soldiers … It was the collapse of them …

Nami “What? Chopper?”

Carrot “Choniquie !! Nami ~! I came to help !!”

Nami “Carrot !! That’s right! I’m sorry !!”


Nami and Jinbe that entered Miroworld

Carrot “All right!? Choniki”

Nami: I can not believe this is in the mirror!

Brulee “Jinbei you !! Why are you with them !? This is an obvious betrayal !!”

Jinbei “Brulee …”

Brulee “You asked for withdrawal from Uchi ‘s umbrella, you heard that you bought” roulette “”


Jinbei “I got Mom who protected Uman Island !! I wanted to pass through Hitoshi, but from that roulette I only smelled malignant ◯!”

Pedro “… Roulette!? It is not a trivial answer,” Jinbei of the sea plan “”

Jinbei ‘!’

Pedro “Five years ago … A partner who asked for salvation and turned it around was killed by those who turned away that part of his buddy”

Brulee “Wow witches pretty bastard! Mama can not let anyone leave! A little intruder … !! Even a faithful pirate under the umbrella !!

Those who come will not refuse, those who leave are ◯ …! It is! That’s my mom … ”

Block the words of Brulee and move forward

Brulee “ugly !!”

Chopper “Let’s hurry to the next! Afterwards Brook, Luffy and Sanji!”

Diesel “Wait a moment, it’s too heavy anything !!”


The scene is Hall cake castle “during the queen”

Prometheus “Put a bandage on your cheek”

Big Mum “What a prometheus!”

Prometheus ‘The wounds damaged by the soul king are deeply honest and … a little opens.’

Big Mum “Mamma … Unbelievable! Let’s not hurt the guy than saying … I guess you are not scratching for the first time!”

Brooke “…” hanging like a strap

Pudding “Mama …! That” Honne “Always there?”

Brooke “(Eh …” Honne “is Purine, a naive way of calling …)”


Big Mum “This creatures, the art of a soul that is not elsewhere ♪ For the time being without carrying it in an illustration ♫”

Chilling Brooke

Big Mum “… It was a hard time, the matter of the wheat straw … I did not expect to escape from the forest of temptation, but … safely, I entered the book of the prisoner’s library”

Brooke “!?”

Pudding “Yeah ♡ I’ve met you, I am the same as you are, are not you?”

Big Mum “Oh, after the ceremony”

Brooke “(!? Yeah ??)”


Big Mam “Jerma has let go of women of a husband tavern that is drinking around now”

Pudding “Yeah … but Raju was my favorite woman who was intrigued … … I solved it already.”

Big Mum “What is it ?! ◯ Do not you think?”

Brooke “…!? (What is this conversation … Mr. Purine? Um … that’s a good daughter Purine …!?”

Pudding “Hey mom! I do not believe it! Only the legs shoot one shot and the memory is erased …”

Big Mum “Be careful, you are a big deal if you make it a precious bride return”

Pudding “Thank you for your concern … Thanks to that, I could also test the power of the gun. Even a remodeled Jerma can definitely be a honeycomb … ♡”

Big Mum “Ha ~ ha ha He’s a nice daughter tomorrow your shooting is all the signs

All the people ‘s attention “Kiss of the oath” Sanji is raising your pail on the Aho side! I try to kiss her …

there…! It is! Your first “third eye” to see! It is! He will falter for a moment! It is! That’s the moment! It is! Like, good luck with one shot! It is!

Aiming at his “eyebrows” brain flying brain miso! It is! The hall gets stunned and freezes! It is!

Even if you feel danger it’s already late! It is! There are already countless muzzles behind the unbalanced Vin Smokes! It is!

Jerma’s flying scattered soon! It is! Like a firework ring, please stop gunshot! It is! Bullet rain that still penetrates the body even though it is ◯! It is!

Spreading on the ground, Chiba! It is! Vin smoked six figures changed! It is! Gunshot turns into a celebration ♪ ”

Whether it’s always like this, pure pleasure …

Brook ‘s open mouth does not block “…”


Big Mam “From there it is a real party! Let’s celebrate with the cake! Let’s celebrate with tea! At that time I lose the distracting commander

All of Jerma will be mine! It is! ”


The scene is Sanji’s room of the 6th floor of the room

The soldier peering peacefully in Sanji’s room contacts

Military “Yeah … Mr. Sanji is definitely going to bed in the room”

** “Do not let it go out of the room till the morning … again, secure it securely so that no one is in it”

The soldier “is!”

I hear my breath from Sanji’s bed …

But I was sleeping there …


That troubled soldier “… … … is !! I gotten asleep! NASS who fell asleep! In Sanji-sama’s bed! Sanji-sama is not going home yet !!

… then we go to bed a little more “


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