One Piece manga episodes 853

During the treasure …

Big Mum “Mommy Mama … What a cute creature!

Big mum grabbing Brook with one hand and hanging “Even though every corner of the body is bone … a miracle that is alive! The fight was also splendid Soul King”

Further cheeked Big Mum “All chess evil men are vivil on you mothers mama … exactly soul king! They are natural enemies.”

Brooke “…”

Big Mum “… but they can not beat them …!”


Napoleon of a diamond cap (Baikon) · Zeus of the thunder cloud · Prometheus of the sun

Big Mam “Special thing !!” My soul (Seoul) “… … I’m giving it directly … The kind of people like my altar Seoul’s case is different …!”

Brooke “!?”


Zeus “Hehehe”

Soldiers “Inquestion is over Mom !! Nothing in clothes ♪”

“Nothing also in the cylinder ♪” “No matter what ♪ I was stolen ♪” ♬

Big Mum “Ma ~ Mama … I wish it would be OK Soul King suspected not bad ~ ♪”

Brooke “(Mu … sorry …! What a shame … …!”

Big Mum “Of course,” Tamane Box “Of course … ♡” Copy of Pornegrie “can not be stolen anything ~

It is a manukei to take it to someone and go to “Laftel” again? Ha ~ Ha ha ha Do not hesitate like “Roger’s Time” anymore! It is!

He understood the “stone” with a strange power to hear “the voice of all things” … but also there is a “hidden ball” that will get the same power eventually in my house … ”

Bikumumu recalls the old days and enters power in the hand stroking Brook “It is who we reach the next raftel!”


Pudding “Mama !!”

Big Mam “Oh cute pudding ♡ If you do rumor … !! What’s wrong? Was the” third eye “also true” eyes opened “?

Purple cups inflate the pudding “… If you open your mouth anymore, it’s only halfway, I am a half, there is no guarantee that such ability really wakes up really”

Big Mum “Ha ~ Ha ha bad it … but without doubt, you are drawing a rare” third tribe “…!”

Brooke “(… … Pu … Mr. Purine … the third one? Ah … no, we have a secret secret)”


Pudding “(That bone man, I was in such a place … or … I wish I was caught)

No, Mama! It’s embarrassing here, so let’s talk in Mama’s room. ”

Big Mum “Oh well of course, good even ♡”


The scene is the 3rd floor courtyard

It was Pedro who toppled the egg of the eggs …


An egg of eggs in a chick attacks Pedro …

Pedro “Hua … huh …”

The soldiers “Iku !!” “Ya chitae” “Chick of the chick ~!”

Pedro slashing the squirrels of the chicks in two “Nan !!”

Then the inside of the egg comes out …

“Piyo Piyo … … Moss … Coke!”

The soldiers “!? Uoo !! This cry is … !!” “Further evolution form !!” “Earl of Chicken” got it! ”

Pedro approaching the egg “… bullshit … take a breath in now”


The soldiers “Stop it !!”

“Reborn strongly every time he breaks from” Baroness Baron “to” Chicken Chick “!!” Count of Chickens “!!” Fresh Tamutama “!!

Earl of chicken is the real knight (night)! It is! Be afraid! It is! Once you get done you get power that you can not afford for your feet! It is! “Stop him !!”

Pedro “I do not feel like waiting …”

A soldier heading for Pedro “Stop it!”

Pedro “Okay, let’s stop it.”

The soldiers “!?”

Pedro giving out a bomb from the bosom

The soldiers “Ooooo !! Bomb !! So what are you going to do !?”

Pedro “A lot of soldiers have gathered, it’s exhausted as a decoy …!”

Soldiers “Reject !! Run away !!” “Stop it!”

Soldiers blown away by a massive explosion


Egg “Coke !!”


In Miro World …

Chopper “Wow !! It was dangerous !!”

Carrot “I am not able to recover !! I was surprised !! Pedro !!”

I entered Miro World, and Pedro

Pedro “This one is much surprised … suddenly, be able to be called from within the mirror …”

Carrot “… but it is Pedro as expected to think of such a strategy in a moment ♡ Pedro ~ !!”

Pedro “… that is, it is hard to believe whether it is in a mirror here,”

Chopper “This is a world where brulees can not get in and out, it’s safe! You can escape with Sanji! Tell me the information you know!”


Two people listening while talking in the mirror

Two people “Eh! Luffy and Nami were caught!”

Pedro “Oh, I’m worried about the brook heard so, I hopefully could steal a copy of” Pornegrie “!”

Chopper “Everyone is in danger! Let’s hurry!”


Carrot spreading the portrait drawn “Mirror mirror !! Of these people !! Teaching whereabouts !!”

Pedro “Are you beautiful too !?”

Mirror “The long girl with that hair ran through a little while ago!”

Pedro “Wow !! Mirror spoke !!”

Chopper “What?” Well then Nami had escaped!

Mirror “It’s with Jinbei Boss !!”

Chopper “! Ji … Jinbei ~ !?”


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