One Piece manga episode 846

Sweet city is out …

A lot of soldiers are collapsed

Luffy “Nami !!”

Garrett … … I’m sorry I can not believe that such a girl is such a stupid thunder. ”


Op 846-1

What kind of abilities is your hands? Nami tied up with … “Woo … I can not make such a big thundercloud … !! You can use Big Mam’s thundercloud … !!”


A woman holding a sword aboard a King Balm · Amand “Sword” White Fish ”

King Balm “It is different, Just because I betrayed … Amanda !!”


Op 846-2

Amando slowly slashing “Slow Ballad”

King Balm shedding tears in pain “Gear ~ …! Aha ~! Ede De !! Egleele Reggae !! Pain … !! To the thoughtful” … “!!”

Amand “There is no meaning to slash and throw in a moment … !! I hurt with the painful and painful first speed … !!”


Mondor which is on the flapping book “Maggie Straw Hat! I do not think he was fighting with the cracker’s big brother all night long!

Chess battle troops are also weak! Is it? Be smashed with rubbish! It is! ”

A long neck? Two people are laughing “Ha ha ha ha !!”

Nami “Luffy !!”

Luffy “Ze … … Ze …”


Op 846-3

Opera attacking with fresh cream “Cream Monster” !!

Luffy touched it “Wow ah ah !! Pain!”

Opera “It’s fresh cream … !!” Force Fa called “sweet” !! Fafa !! Sweet cream sweet ”

Luffy rushing in armed colors in a gigantic arm “… !? This … !!”

Opera “Fat burning down in the body soon!”

Next moment …


Op 846-4

The scene in front of me changes like a different world

Luffy: “Oh …? … where are you !? Hua ha …”

Then …

Bobbo …

A hole opens in the window to burn …


Op 846-5

Mondor who set up a gun coming out from there “Here is the world of the book”! ”

Nami “Luffy !! Avoid it !!”

Luffy looking back towards voice “! Nami!?”

You can see the appearance of Nami that sword was hit by Amando in a bird cage

Nami: That’s dangerous !!

The book closed and returned to the original world Luffy “?”

But Luffy is sandwiched between two giants who have entered an attacking post …


Op 846-6

“Cream !! Punch!”

Luffy falls as a result of crushing punches from front and back gathered in armed colors

Nami “Luffy ~ !!”


King balm vertically doubled

Nami “King Balm !!”


Op 846-7

Amando sees Nami’s chest

Nami: Ah !!

Big Mam’s Bible Case with Amband

Garrett “The reason why the Homer’s chess soldiers could not fight properly … also the reason why you came out of the forest of hesitation!

Finally I understand why you have a mum ‘s “Bible Credit”! Is it? ”

Amando “It’s written as” Lola ”

Mondor “Laura! … … did you take away from him?”

Bobbins “What’s up with this, ◯ was that home-run girl!”

Two people with a long neck “Laura” “What is the last word?”

Nami “No, it’s my friend !! I got it!”

Galette “… How are you … !!”

Amando “Talk to Mama … Unfortunately the directive is your alive and gone … I will go”

Mondoru “Oh, I almost got a little trouble on the battlefield”

It was Luffy trying to be brought up by a giant man …


Op 846-8

Luffy grabbing the ground “… I.”

A giant man? ”

Luffy “Here and … !!”

The giant man crushing Luffy


The scene is Hall cake Castle …

Big Mam “Good”

Sanji “Wha … !? Really?!”


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