One Piece manga episode 847

The mirror world (Miro World), Brule ‘s house …

A carrot hanging on a pot of a grout trick “Shoniki ~! Helping ~ Hot ~ !!”


Op 847-1

Brulee “It is not rattling rattling !! Girls !!”

Carrot ‘Do not eat me!’

Crocodile “I will not eat humans, but the Mink tries to eat it barely”

Chopper (appearance of heavy point) is wrapped round and round in the chain “Remove carrot! Brulee !! It is not a real rabbit! It is determined to be Masui !!”

Crocodile “Well … I guess I should stop it.”

Brulee “Keep silent and unusual reindeer !! You enter the Mama’s rare animal collection!”


Chopper “(… … OK! … Somehow …! I caught it up to this situation …! Because it was bound by” heavy point “, if you transform it, this chain can escape in a moment … !!

Since 6 hours have passed since I used it yesterday, “Monster Point” can be used anymore! It is! ) ”

Carrot “I bothered – I got scolded by Pedro ~”

Brulee “Tasty ~ When you can have soup, Dong Bon ♪”

Chopper “(Chance is !!)”


The scene is a library of Hall cake castle

Big Mam, who shows the boastful collection of rare animals to the Vin Smok family “Inside” books “infinite world spreads …

Hora, this is a man eating lion who has a face of a rare person in the world … “Manticola” It is a rare animal that fled from “Impel Down” at the time of “black beard attack” two years ago ”

Manticore ‘Fundoshi Fundoshi’

Big Mam “This one is proud of one!” Unicorn “! Is it beautiful?

Unicorns of horseback riding “Hibi-n !!” although horns are growing

Raje “Okay … but I am alive in the book …!”


Op 847-2

Big Mum “Those who are in” Books “never take years of age forever, you can not have the contents of a book change each time you open … !!

Rare creatures around the world are sealed in this library book! It is! It is the ability of our child Mondoru. ”

Youngji “Suge!”

Mushroom in the book “Help me …”

There are also Doscoy pandas in the book …

Big Mum “Recently, in the Centaur of Punk Hazard, Griffon found in South Blue

There are something like this …! It is! Mixed hands and feet altogether “hands and feet long human beings” …! It is! ”

From the book you can hear the voice saying “Please give me” or “Please help me”

Niseji “To humans … !!”

Judge “Big Mam … From the time I entered this country, I saw a very wide variety of races …”

Big Mam “That ‘s right! That is the goal of” Totland (Totland) “…”

Judge “… but I was curious that there were races who did not seem to have anything … if it would be conspicuous …” Giants “… !!

Big Mam, who responded to the word … … girlo … the eyes change …


Op 847-3

Judge “To the extent that it is claimed as a country where all races live … I do not see one … only a bigger person …”

Big Mum “Hmm … that’s right, I did not see you by chance …”

Subordinates come there “Mama! Mama … Mama … !! Lid of examples … lid, get two people … bunko entrained!”

Big Mam “… Well then it’s bad … today it’s busy but unfortunately the weather is fine … good afternoon … !!”


Big mum leaving “… what’s wrong?”

Subordinates “No … No … nervous … genuine” Jelma 66 “, especially Ichizi and Raju’s betrayal … ♡” ♡

Big Mum “… Odorama …! Stupid it is being inspired by the painting story … What you need is a surface (Uwha) …!”


Prisoner library in Hall cake castle

Mondoru “Oh well closed, what page did you put in?”

Perospero “55 page HOW! This is a good thrilling Pelorin ♪”

Luffy and Nami caught in the book

Mondor “There was”


Op 847-4

Nami “What’s this room !! put it out !! Shower room is !! Whole body sticky with syrup !!”

Perrospere “It’s hard! It’s sweet ♪ Candy-chan”

Kimi … Kimi makes a glance at Nami

Perrospere “Mom appears”

Luffy: “Ah!?”

It is not the principal that came out but a telegraph

Big Mum “Long time no see” Luffy of the Straw Hat “… at last it came here …”

Luffy “Big Mamma? Please come out of here !! I must go back !! Even if I break up everything I will go out!”

Big Mum “Mama Mama … Oh Well, I was still in that spirit I thought that I had forgotten the promise on U fish Island from all that I came with all of them.”

Luffy: … Oh, I will skip over some time! But now it’s time to just bring Sanji back !!


Op 847-5

If a battle is hopeless, come out Big Mam! It is! I am going to fight here now! It is! ”

Big Mum “… Do not ride in tone Hahaha, just recently the” New World “rookie just entered …

Let’s audition me a mysterious man …! It is! I do not need to leave you even if you are ◯. ”

The executives are also laughing

Big Mam “Sanji and Pudding’s wedding ceremonies that I will return to if you give up Sanji well is a special meaning for me …!”

Luffy is going to bump into prison

Big Mum “… Have not grown there until everything has finished successfully … If you rob my pleasure …


Op 847-6

… That is really … just OK! It is! … You remember? On Umani Island ”

Luffy “… !!”


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