One Piece manga episode 848

It was Luffy who sold a fight for Big Mam …

Communication of electric worms is cut off

Children who laugh “Ah ha ha funny co!” “Sukuku !! You are lie ?!” “Do you sell fight to Mama in this castle !? Normal!”

Nami “…”

Luffy “Uruse !! Take me and you guys!”

Nami “…”



Young children still “big brothers”

Opera “Angle”

Anglet ‘Nice regards !! Treasure noodles are shining !! Thank you !!’

Garrett “Intruder? Anglet”

Angle “That’s it, I have a tooth polyphony today!”


Scene is the queen’s hall

Zeus (cloud) “Do not get angry! Mama!”

Big Mam “Ha ~ Hahaha It’s as big as selling a fight for such a small bunch, stupid Zeus! Think about it!

Tomorrow I will get ♪ “Power of Jelma” and “Tamagotchi” ~ ♪ You can also eat the wedding cake that is the tallest ette ♪ That ‘s right ♪

Dancing cakes “So are you ♬”

Big Mum “If you think tomorrow, you can forgive anything ♪ Why do you stand up on your belly? ♬ Tomorrow is awesome !! Happy Day ♬”

Cakes “Wow ♪”

Hat “That!” Catch the deaf! Mama! “When” intruder “is ramping near” between treasure “!”

Big Mum “… … Intruder …?”

Cake “Weddings !! Cake ♪” “Queen of Cake Wedding Cake ♬”


Op 848-1

Big Mum “No way, the aim is” a ballad box “!! Who are you ~ !!


Guest room · Sanji’s room

Sanji who is walking around the place with cigarette smoking “I can not let it Luffy useless !! I promised Big Mam!

Even if I am married, Balatier is safe …! It is! Of course it is painful to part with my friends but everyone ◯ な ぇ! It is! That is No. 1! It is! What’s wrong

… The only hope of having such a dark face, I will drive Pudding! It is! If I let that daughter feel uneasy I am the lowest man

Do not make me sad like that good girl! It is! Be my usual me! It is! That’s it! It is! I am in love with a cock! It is!


Op 848-2

Pudding – chan ♡ Princess ♡ ~ ♡ I am yours! It is! I will make you happy ~ ♡ ”


Pudding’s room

Pudding “Lola sister’s !?”

Maid maid “Yeah, the woman had a bibble card and” Hermies of the Lost Forest “was intimidated

… By the way Pudding, my dress Mama who decided yesterday was dismissed … Please call my mom’s decided dress tomorrow

All the plans after the wedding are also mommy …! It is! …then…”

A pudding that goes out to the garden without worrying though it is raining


Big Mum’s words come to mind

“Purin !! If you live exactly as I am sure you’ll be mistaken”

“You are almost like a doll, a pudding”


Pudding remembers Roller’s words as it goes out

“I will not do anything ◯, I’m a parent and child! I will decide myself about my own marriage!”




The scene is inside the Hall cake castle

Pedro gaudyly rampaging “huh”

Soldiers “Did you steal anything !?”

“The security of” between treasures “is annihilated! The criminal possesses explosives!”

The big man who found Pedro “There was”

But Pedro is …

Giant “Hey!”


Op 848-3

Ripper in a moment with quick movement, run around while knocking down one after another

Soldiers “Ceiling !! Shoot down !!”

Pedro running in the ceiling gets shot by fire, but Pedro goes through …

Poi … and drop the explosive with the fire on

The soldiers “Run away !!”

Bokkan! It is!

Baroness Baron get in touch with Pedro “catch up with the garden soir”

*”roger that”

Smoothie contacts as soon as communication is cut off

Smoothie “Hey !! Baroness !!”

Baroness Baron “Smoothie!”

Smoothie “… You are right! There was one more person !! It is a decoy!”

Baroness “Baroness, Pedro gay doing gaudy”

Smoothie “I was forced to enter the treasure” for being broken and allowed to invade and I was locked !!

Ogami Baron “The process … but there is one doorway for” between treasures “…! … … if there is” there “to defend and it is a problem Naïdebu”

Smoothie “Surely, that’s right! Leave it! Leave it! If inside guard is done and he comes out, OK … OK?”

Barackle of eggs … “No, probably the criminal is” bone “Bonn mama wants a” rare animal “! Semi-oh shi !!”


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