One Piece manga episode 849

Vin Smok family in the room

Youngji “What about Leia?”

Nisi “Sana, I went somewhere earlier”

Yeongji “That’s right Father, where are the two living together after marriage?”

Judge “It is decided as” Jelma “…! If you keep that girl” hostage “what kind of request will you make in the future … the other party is” pirate ”


Nieji: “Do you want a hostage over there too?”

Ichizi: Do not be stupid …! Are we told that Sanji is said to be OK? ”

Youngji who laughs laughing “Ha ha ha ha! Really! That’s right!”

Nieji “I’m looking forward to it … I can live with Sanji again …!”


The scene is the house of Brule ‘s in Miro World

Brulee “This is going to be the best Xavier food ~ ♡ I’m hungry now ~ Everyone!”

All “Pekopeco ~ ♡”

Brulee “cut rope !!”

Carrot hanging on the rope “Do not eat !!”!

Chopper “(Brule has dug a grave!” That “is a” frog “projected figure of carrot by Brulee’s ability !! A genuine carrot is in the attic!)


Op 849-1

A carot calling out from the attic “Carrying Hello ~ Chooniki ~”

Chopper “(… but frogs are poor at being cooked! 16 enemies in this house … troublesome …)”


Op 849-2

Randolph ‘somewhere Brulee !!’

Brulee “Whitwid !! Cute face is a big burn !!”

Noble crocodile “Stomach Vanipeco”

Mysterious chimney man · diesel “Rampage !! I have to close the lid soon !!”

Carrot ‘Reborn!

Carrot that threw something on Randolph who was trying to break the rope

Randolph falling behind “I say ~ !!”

Brulee “Anan! What are you doing !? Randolph !!”

Diesel “Brulee, who are from the ceiling behind !?”

A carrot that came out from the attic grasps with a suspended frog carrot

Brulee “What? Are two daughters !?”


Op 849-3

A carrot kicking out a huge pot simmered in a stinky brulee and kicking it out “Carrying ~! Eh !!”

Brulee “What?”

Brulee “It’s dangerous !! That’s no good! That’s no good !! Wow!”

Soldiers “Brulee-sama !!”

The chopper who got out of the chain after becoming the original size at Brain point quickly eats rumble ball


Randolphs in a hurry to try to help Brulee, but …

Carrot “” Electrical “” Luna “!”


Op 849-4

Shoot the electro to soup and make one shot

One person, an alligator waiting for food and arriving at the table “?”


Op 849-5

A chopper that turned into a monster grabs the crocodile’s tail and strikes against the remaining enemy

Chopper ‘Vioioo !!’

Diesel “This is Mazu !! Reported to Mama !!”


Op 849-6

Diesel running like a train

Chopper “Ah !!”

Diesel “Shupopppupo !! Stupid co-star !! Who can catch up with me who started running once”


Carrot grudging to the neck of diesel “Garuchu ♡”

Diesel “Ai !!”

Carrot ‘Ehehe ♡’

Diesel “What?”

A carrot that hides both eyes of diesel “Who is it!”

Diesel “Eh ~ !? Abeaaaaaaa dangerous”

Diesel that hits the wall

Chopper “Ya! !! I blew up Brulee group!”

Frog that returned to “Geko”

Carrot “Choniquie ♡”

Chopper “Alright, I can move through the island from within the mirror !! Let’s search for everyone!”


The scene is Sanji’s room

Military “Eh now … restraining” Straw Hat Luffy “and” Thief Cat “Eggplant! Rampage is a man of mink and” Soul King “! Escort is pretty handsome.”

Sanji “Why are you asking the food?”

The soldier who delivers the ingredients “Oh, this eggplant !! Anything if you got hungry … Eggplant”

Sanji “… I will use this kitchen, Pudding-chan, I did not come to a dinner the other time ago … I’ll make something and bring it … I’m worried.”

Military “… so eggplant! I feel like a good eggplant …”


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