One Piece manga episode 855

Sanji, who kicked out the bobbins, ran away …

Military rushes “Bobbin-sama !!” “What’s wrong!?” “Awesome sound from now on … !!”


Rising “shogunya” Bobbin (Big Mam pirates, combatants (bishop), prize money 155.5 million berries)

Bobbin rocking the face swaying


The soldiers who saw it saw that the eyelids were Toron … and they went to sleep …

Bobbins “Nothing … … descending … I will give you a clever end

Mama’s tea ceremony also brings out the demons of hell ♪ ”


The scene is Miro World

All the people connected to the mirror of the Big Mam’s bedroom are stunned …

Carrot: What to do … !!

Pedro “It was nice to be alive”


Nami “Great hall … !!”

Chopper “That is one of the four emperors … Big Mam !!”

Nami “Why are you sleeping with Brook hugging?” Brook is also sleeping …! You can sleep well … Wake up and watch ~ ”

Brulee “Wow Witth such unusual bone creatures … Mom can not let go of it !! but not relieved …”


Brulee “I will let that hand off me …”

Chopper “Oh …”

Brulee shouting loudly “Mama ~! Brulee it helps …”

Chopper to block the mouth of Brulee in a hurry “Konnyaro”

Pedro “Block his mouth!”

Brulee and diesel whose mouths were closed with cloth “(Damn it … !!)”

Everyone peeking through the mirror terribly

Chopper “I have not woken up Big Mam … !!”

Paci … and big eyes opened my eyes …

Chopper “… !! (found … !!)”

Big mom who saw flies just flied in … “Anything … fly …”

It was a relieved chopper … …


Big Mam shakes his right hand down to the fly with a sleepy condition …

It’s quite powerful just by that …

All the same “!?”

Brook “What ?! What!?!?! What is ?? … What is … what is fly? …”

Broke in the morning but I also sleep

Prometheus “What? Mama enemy attack?”

Zeus “You’re asleep … !!”

Three intense attacks are launched with a paikone that puts a blade from the tip of the hat …




Awkward, tremendously all over “(how to save … !!)”


Running in the rain Sanji

A dog bites in a basket containing a box lunch

Sanji “Hey, you are !! This is not Esa!”


The scene returns to Miro World

Jinbei “How about this?”

Chopper “Wow, that’s pat !!”

Bones in the castle in the castle, and the kitchen’s seaweed as an afro to create Brooke’s fake

Chopper “Only looks at Brook !! If you switch well with this guy you will not be able to get out of Brook !!”

Jinbei “If you put the brulee in the middle of the mirror, you can get in and out freely by touching it”

Brulee “(Remember!)”


Challenge 1 · Chopper

Chopper “I will come!”

Carrot “Be careful and do it!”

Sorori … It was a chopper that walked slowly as soon as …

“Ikki !!”

I sneezed … the hand of Big Mam came flying and ended …

All together “Ah !!”


Chang Range 2 Carrot

Carrot “Leave it.”

Carrot arrived by Brook in a light movement “Brook happened …”

But then …

A carrot “Wow” that Big Mam’s nose lantern bulges and pushed

Well …

Zeus “Faeepy !!” that reacts to the sound and falls thunder while sleeping

Carrot “Ca !!”


Chang Range 3 · Pedro

Big Mum “Wellin … Cake …”

Big mum turns over and ends …


Jinbei “Shame! Brook has left Big Mam’s hand !!”

Nami: Ok, I will go! ”

Nami shaking Brooke “Brook !! Get up !! I came to help!”

Brooke ‘U-n’

Nami “Brook!”

Brooke “Eh”

Nami “Me,”



Brooke with eyes on fakes that Nami is carrying …

Brooke ‘Ga ~ Oke!’!

Nami “What ?!”

Big Mum “… Are you still here, persistent fly … !!”

Jinbei who is running out “Let’s go!”


Big Mum grabbing and throwing Prometheus “Heavenly Fire” (Heavenly Fire)! ”

Grabbing Nami and Brooke and getting a break, fled into the mirror Jinbei


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