One Piece manga episode 856

At Miro World

I ask the mirror, but there is no information of Luffy and Sanji …

Mirrors “Not there?” “I wish I passed a long time ago”

Carrot “Sanji’s room as well!”

Mirror “Instead, weird people are sleeping”


Nami “If you are not inside the castle, you have the idea …!”

All the same “!?”

Nami “There is no mirror because it’s outside, but … the place where Luffy and Sanji fought this morning …”

Crying chopper “Let me see … Luffy and Sanji … … have you fighted !?”

Jinbei “Sanji also came here for reasons of reason on the stand of the Vin Smoke family, so take it easy so let’s go …!”

Nami “…”

Jimbee “… But if you bring it hurry, you had to hurry … everyone thought about talking about it … but in reality if tomorrow, if the wedding ceremony is held … just a formula is not done!”

All together ‘What?’

Jinbei “Are you guys, did you come here with Pekoms?”

Chopper “A … Pecoms! Is it safe ?? We are gone !!”

Jinbei “… let me know that it is first and foremost … but he was caught up in a conspiracy and I knew it was unnoticed by us that they became food for sharks …!”

Pedro “!?”


The scene is Suite City

Town people “Gunshot …?” “” … rain … the rain is strong … “” It sounds like a dog, ”


While shedding blood, walking with a sword as a cane “Ducks … Ha … Ha, those …”

Bobbin collapsing on the spot


The scene is room of 6th floor Baum

Women who had drunk the Vin Smoke family … but they were drunk and collapsed “Are you a cauldron? … You … … HY …”

Youngji “I wanted you to make me a woman from that Sanji if you give me a woman in a bar in collapse that it can not be smashed”

Nieji “I understand, Nami is a woman !! That strength of mind, I like it”

It seems to have been caught … Tomorrow, let’s negotiate “I can not have” Ale ”


Judge to drink sake “Well, it is tomorrow night if drinking is a bargain!”

“Four Emperor” got a back called Big Mam, and Jelma will again become the ruler of “North Blue”

It’s tomorrow … that pre-festival! It is! That ‘s impossible “was also useful if you think about it.”

Yonji “Surely” Sacrifice “The fish caught in Sanji is big!”

Niji “If Big Mam’s flag dances to Jelma’s fleet, enemies will lose fightingness”

Ichizi “It seems that you can seize the sea more strongly … Let’s thank Sanji.”



Cheers who drink a cup “Ha ha ha” to “Failed” !! Beneficial “Not useful”! Cheers !! ”

The state of such Vin Smoke family, the barrels and walls are seeing


The scene is in front of the room of Vin Smok family

The soldiers are guarding in front of the door

Mondor putting instructions “Do not bring anyone of the Vin Smoke family into contact with anyone until tomorrow ‘s tea ceremony”

The soldier “OK ​​3rd floor … The soldiers have already been deployed in the medical office with Rae Jeong, Vin Smoke family no longer … the time of fate … just wait …”

Mondor “You are not saying anything extraordinary! Barker”


Asleeping Big Mam … Judge …

Raju still awake “…”


The scene is out of town …

Luffy’s belly keeping ringing …

Sanji who found Luffy approaches …

Luffy’s nose which noticed the smell moves … I open my eyes


Luffy: Ah … Hanji

Sanji who is looking away “I have not told you to wait …”

Laughing Luffy “Shishi …”


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